Engage your customer Community, Employees and Partners

Engage your customer Community, Employees and Partners

Customer Support, Product Innovation and Employee Collaboration are Better with Zoho Discussions

Engage your customer Community, Employees and Partners

Community Engagement

    1. Feedbck Widgets New Widgets

      Feedback Widget

      Provide better, more efficient customer service. The Feedback Widget helps you gather and categorize product specific customer feedback in your Forum and Email. In addition, it enables users to interact by casting a vote or commenting on other feedback in your forum.

    2. Integrated Chat

      Integrated Chat

      Apart from posting in the forums, users can interact in real-time through the built-in chat feature. And of course, there is no need to reveal other personal information (such as e-mail). As it, all happens in the browser, no separate installation is required.

    1. Profiles


      User profiles instill a sense of community where users can learn more about each other, revealing as much or as little information as they choose. In this area, the user's recent posts, profiles and other relevant information is displayed.

    2. My Area

      My Area

      "My Area" lets users manage their posts and responses, maintain bookmarks and watchlists, view followers, edit watch lists, keep a tab on recent activity and stats, start and continue private conversations and more.

    1. User Labels

      User Labels

      User labels come in handy to indicate official responses from the company, to indicate who is a moderator of the board, or even to recognize the most frequent and valued contributors to the community.

    2. Private Messages

      Private Messages

      Private messages are like e-mail for your community. Just like integrated chat, your users need not reveal their personal information to be able to communicate privately with other users.

    1. Watch lists - author, topic, forum - Feeds and notifications

      Watch Lists

      Users can "watch" a particular user, a given topic or an entire forum - and get automatic updates about new activity in them.

Content Discoverability

    1. Content Organization

      Content Organization

      Create a forum for each product, and a sub-forum for each one to gather feedback, collect ideas or troubleshoot problems. Different topic types for kinds of conversations. Tags to let users identify particular topics more easily.

    2. Search and Advanced

      Search and Advanced Search

      Zoho Discussions comes with a built-in powerful standard search, as well as advanced search with multiple parameters and drill-down.

    1. Related topics

      Related Topics

      Apart from relating topics based on tags, Zoho Discussions also allows the community administrator and moderators to link one topic to another more relevant one - thus facilitating building a FAQ.

    2. Secure RSS feeds

      Secure RSS feeds

      Zoho Discussions supports both (normal) RSS feeds as well as secure RSS feeds, which require authentication. Secure RSS feeds are particularly useful for closed group communities.

    1. Custom Domains

      Custom Domains

      In addition to creating forums and sub-forums, you can also setup custom URLs for each one of them, improving branding and intuitive access.

    2. SEO Options

      SEO Options

      SEO options are available in Zoho Discussions to help your content be more visible to search engines (if you so desire) and help your customers find the content they are looking for faster.


    1. Widgets


      You can embed our widgets in your forums to provide useful and context sensitive information to your users - for example, highlighting top contributors, what the recent topics are, which one are the most viewed, the most discussed and more.

    2. Custom Elements

      Custom Elements

      Aside from the topics and other gadgets, you can include your own HTML elements and display custom information or images and video.

    1. Domain Mapping

      Domain Mapping

      Accessing your community using your own URLs is an important aspect of branding. In addition, Zoho Discussions also offers customizable friendly URLs for most filters and activities, so you can embed relevant links where you want.

    2. Your on Logo

      Your own Logo

      Zoho Discussions provides easy to use configuration for your community logo and browser fav icons.

    1. Standard and Custom Login Options

      Standard and Custom Login Options

      Your users need not create one more identity to participate in your community. Zoho Discussions enables you to support users logging in using their Google, Yahoo and Zoho logins - Of course, you can authenticate users from your own login mechanism too.

    2. Customizable look and feel

      Customizable look and feel

      Branding is everything. With Zoho Discussions, you have the option to customize the look and feel of your community so that it matches that of your website or corporate image. Contact us for the customization

Topic Administration

    1. Topic administration

      Topic administration

      Control topic and response life cycles easily. Do it while reading the particular topic or in bulk from a moderation panel.

    2. Topic type specific Voting

      Topic type-specific Voting

      Users can express their liking for a topic in a manner that is consistent with the topic type - like "This solves my problem" for a problem reporting to "This adds value to the idea" for an idea proposal. Of course, a user can vote only once.

    1. Topic Status

      Topic Status

      Many people could have the same idea, experience the same issue / problem. A quick indication of the current status of the idea or query makes it an easier and productive experience.

    2. Best answer / best solution

      Best answer / best solution

      For topics created as a question or as a problem, a special button lets other members of the community select the reply they think is the best answer or solution and of course, they can also post their own reply.

    1. Sticky Posts

      Sticky Posts

      Sometimes a new post is so good or so valuable that community moderators will want to make sure it´s highlighted. They can make it "sticky", which means the topic will appear on its own separate, visible area in your online forum

    2. Announcements


      Community administrators can post announcements that will appear at the top of all messages, and they can even set expiration dates for when the announcement should be deleted.

Rich User Experience

    1. WYSIWYG editor

      WYSIWYG editor

      Your community members will be delighted with our easy WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor that lets them compose rich text messages with images, emoticons and even embedded videos and more.

    2. Keyboard shortcuts, Threaded Responses and more

      Keyboard shortcuts, Threaded Responses and more

      When it comes to providing a great user experience, the little things matter. Your users will enjoy these features that make their life easier.

    1. Preference Management

      Preference Management

      Configure your auto signature, posts per page, avatar, default portal, watchlist and more.

    2. Drafts and previews

      Drafts and previews

      Drafts for posts work pretty much the same way your e-mail does. Users can interrupt their post to continue to a later date. They can also see exactly how what they are writing will look like once posted.

    1. Email to Post / Email Drop box

      Email to Post / Email Drop box

      Community users can submit a post to your online forum simply by sending an e-mail to an e-mail address.


    1. Fine grained access control, Public and private forums

      Fine grained access control, Public and private forums

      Control who has access to what content. You can for example enable everyone to view the forums, while only allowing registered users to take part in the discussion. Or you can require registration for both viewing and participating. And of course, you can create intranet and employee forums.

    2. Exhaustive moderation option

      Exhaustive moderation option

      From broad sweeping moderations settings like "all guest posts will be moderated" to fine grained moderation options like moderating a single topic or user - it is all possible in Zoho Discussions.

    1. Trash and pruning

      Trash and pruning

      Zoho Discussions lets you recover even accidentally deleted content. Configure and setup retention duration and pruning for trashed content.

    2. User Management

      User Management

      Comprehensive and flexible user management allows you to add individual users, user groups and the entire company. Once accepted by the user / group, each user can be individually administered, assigned labels and permissions.

    1. Spam and Inappropriate Content Flagging / Removal

      Spam and Inappropriate Content Flagging / Removal

      Zoho Discussions comes with an inbuilt spam engine and also lets the user community flag content as inappropriate. Thus helping drive down spam and irrelevant content.

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