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Intranets, Employees and Private Groups

Leveraging your community doesn´t have to mean publishing your secrets


Communities and discussions take place not only outside of your company, but also inside, with your employees. In addition, there are situations where you´ll want to include only a subset of customers. For example, if you're testing a new product and want to collect feedback from your beta testers, you can create a private site just for them and the team involved with that product. And then there's the other kind of private - between your company and a user, or between users themselves.

There are of course other private scenarios - , when you set up a company-only forum where employees can discuss important topics and exchange ideas. Email is at the center of our daily electronic communications, but it is not optimal for every situation. For example - it´s hard to follow long conversations over e-mail. New employees cannot refer back to - let alone search - past important topics that have been discussed. And e-mail makes it hard to know which topics are getting the "buzz″.

With Zoho Discussions you can keep your conversations as private or as public as you want - inside and outside your company.

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Employees and Customers.

With Zoho Discussions, you can setup discussion boards for employees and customers - and can keep both separate. If you want, you can also set up a private ideas board for a select group of customers and connect them with a group of employees.

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Easy Login Options.

If you want to engage your customers, you need to make it easy for them to participate. If you want to engage employees, you want them to use their same login. Zoho Discussions support multiple login options, including Gmail and Yahoo logins, integration with your own website login and others..

Multiple Avenues.

With Zoho Discussions, your employees and customers have multiple ways to stay in touch with each other and exchange ideas. They can interact not only through the discussion boards, but also through private like messages, email and even through the built-in chat.

Other Features

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      Private Forums

      Control who has access to what content. You can for example enable everyone to view the forums, while only allowing registered users to take part in the discussion. Or you can require registration for both viewing and participating. And of course, you can create intranet and employee forums.

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      Private Messages

      Private messages are like e-mail for your community. Just like integrated chat, your users need not reveal their personal information to be able to communicate privately with other users.

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      Notify multiple people

      When you make a post that a number of people in your user community will need to know, you can send an automatic notification to all concerned people - either as an announcement, an integrated chat message or via email.

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      Profile Photos

      User profiles instill a sense of community where users can learn more about each other, revealing as much or as little information as they choose. In this area, the user's recent posts, profiles and other relevant information is displayed.

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      Organization Groups

      You can invite entire groups or business units or even the entire company to participate in your community in one shot. As members join and leave these groups and organization units, they automatically loose or gain access to all discussions. Thus Zoho Discussions can serve as a knowledge / history repository.

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      Authenticated RSS feeds

      Zoho Discussions supports both (normal) RSS feeds as well as secure RSS feeds, which require authentication. Secure RSS feeds are particularly useful for closed group communities

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