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Zoho Discussions also has free and discounted plans for Open Source projects.

Learn how you can setup an online community for your open source project.
  • Plan

    I already have a Discussions Community portal. Can I sign up for a different plan?

    Sure, but it depends what you want to do. If you already have an account and sign-up again, you will create a different community (which you are welcome to do, some users have multiple ones for different brands or internal/external). However, if what you want to do is upgrade the current plan in your account, you'll need to go to your portal settings and then click on the Plan link.

  • Contract

    Do I need to sign an annual contract?

    You are welcome to sign an annual contract if you want (and save a little money on the way), but you are not required to do that. You can remain on a month-by-month plan for however long (or short) you want.

  • Safe Data

    Is my data safe?

    Zoho takes the security of your data and information very seriously. We have taken many different steps to help ensure the safety of your data. This includes physical security practices (like 7x24x365 security, video monitoring, biometric access, bullet-resistant walls), Network Security (encryption, intrusion detection/prevention), People Processes and Redundancy/Business Continuity. You can read more about how we help protect your data in our Zoho Security Practices, Policy and Infrastructure page:

  • Are you US/EU Safe Harbour Compliant?

    Customers within the European Union ask us about this frequently. Yes, we are US/EU Safe Harbour Compliant.